March 23, 2023
Effects of Alcohol on the Heart

What Happens to Your Heart if You Drink Alcohol?

The Effects of Alcohol on the Heart

There is a condition called alcoholic heart muscle disease where the heart becomes very dysfunctional because of the chronic use of alcohol. Alcohol in general will create several problems with the heart tissue, one of which is an increase in acetyl aldehyde accumulation.

This chemical is considered a toxin or poison. It is responsible for the feeling of a hangover and the body will try to use certain enzymes to get rid of this toxin. However, the same enzymes in the heart are also trying to get rid of this toxic poison, which is a residue from the alcohol.

Drinking alcohol decreases the rate of protein synthesis in the myocytes, which make up the heart. This means that the heart cells are not being replaced as quickly, and the chambers of the heart start to enlarge. This can create problems with the rhythm of the heart and the valves not closing properly.

Drinking alcohol can lead to increased inflammation in the heart, which can lead to calcium buildup, cholesterol buildup, fibrosis of heart tissue, and arrhythmias. Alcohol can also decrease the ejection fraction and contractibility of the heart and increase the amount of calcium inside heart cells. This can lead to arrhythmias and palpitations.

Although it is true that wine has benefits for heart health, exposure to ethanol is the problem. If you were to consume a half cup of wine, it may create a little bit of what‘s called a hermetic effect, which will add a little stress to the body and cause it to rebound. You might see positive changes, but who‘s going to stop at a half a glass of wine per night? Probably not very many people.

If you want to help your heart recover after drinking wine occasionally, there are a few things you can do. First, the heart loves ketones and fat, so a ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting can help. Second, make sure you‘re getting plenty of omega3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

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