March 23, 2023
Body Response to Giving Up Sugar
Health Nutrition

What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Sugar?

If you completely gave up sugar, what would happen to your body?


You will lose your appetite for sugar. This is because every time you consume sugar, a hormone comes in and pushes your blood sugar levels down, causing a low blood sugar situation (hypoglycemia). This will make you crave sugar. So by getting rid of sugar, you can get rid of the craving for sugar.


If you give up sugar, you will feel less hungry. This is because sugar creates insulin resistance, which makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients. When you eliminate sugar from your diet, your body will be able to absorb the nutrients it needs, making you feel less hungry.


You‘ll have less fatigue if you cut down on sugar because when you eat sugar regularly, your blood sugar levels will be higher, and this makes you tired. However, if you cut down on sugar, you‘ll find that you‘re no longer as tired after you eat. This is because your brain isn‘t being bombarded with sugar, which makes it tired. Normal sugar levels will allow your brain to stay awake.


If you reduce your sugar intake, you will see a difference in your gut. Your stomach will shrink, and you will no longer retain fluid. This can be beneficial for your heart health. In just one week, you could lose up to 13 pounds of fluid weight.


If you were feeling grouchy before, you‘re going to feel a lot calmer and less stressed now. You‘ll also be more pleasant to be around. Your cognitive function will also improve, so you‘ll feel more focused. You‘ll be able to concentrate better and you‘ll be less ADD.


You‘re going to see a big improvement in your skin if you cut sugar out of your diet. That‘s because when you eat sugar, your insulin levels go up, which also raises the hormone androgen. Androgens are responsible for causing acne, so by reducing your sugar intake, you‘ll also be reducing your acne.


You‘ll have less stiffness, inflammation, and pain if you convert your fuel from sugar to fat. This process takes three days, during which your symptoms may worsen. However, taking B vitamins and potassium should help alleviate these symptoms.

At the cellular level, you‘re building new enzymes to run your body off fat fuel. This is what‘s happening here: you have little machines that are literally changing over to a different fuel source. That‘s what‘s happening over these two weeks. You‘re getting a decrease in inflammation in your arteries, okay? That‘s what‘s happening when you get off sugar. Less inflammation means it‘s going to help you in the long run, by preventing a clot or plaquing and reducing the risk of a stroke and a heart attack. Also, you‘ll start growing brain cells. Why? Because when you reduce sugar, then you run your body in a different source of fuel, called ketones, and ketones support the growth of nerve cells.

Improve Liver and Kidney Function

You will reduce the amount of fat in your liver by using that fat as fuel. This will help to clean out the liver so that it is no longer fatty. Additionally, you will improve your kidney function.

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