March 23, 2023
Stopping Hot Flashes

How to Stop Hot Flashes

What are Hot Flashes?

The medical term for a hot flash is vasomotor instability. This means that the feedback loops between the hypothalamus and the ovaries are not working properly.

Hot flashes are a sudden, temporary increase in body temperature, usually accompanied by sweating and a rapid heartbeat. They‘re caused by a change in the way the body regulates temperature. Hot flashes typically last from 30 seconds to several minutes.

A woman‘s ovaries typically release around 400 eggs in her lifetime, but birth control pills can sometimes prevent this from happening. Each month, a woman loses one of her eggs. At around age 52, women go through menopause and stop menstruating. At this point, their bodies no longer produce the same number of hormones, so they don‘t need as much. The signal to the adrenal glands increases, causing them to produce the same hormones in smaller amounts. However, if the adrenal glands are weak, this can trigger instability and cause symptoms.

How to Stop Hot Flashes?

If a woman takes hormone replacement therapy, it will completely get rid of her hot flashes. This is because the therapy bypasses the adrenal weakness that causes the hot flashes in the first place. By adding estrogen back into the system, the hot flashes are turned off.

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