March 23, 2023
Avoiding Prolonged Fasting Mistakes
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Avoid These Five Prolonged Fasting Mistakes

Of all the things you can do to improve your health, prolonged fasting is probably one of the most important. Whether you‘re doing a 48hour fast or a 72hour fast, this article will give you some insights into some of the big problems you can avoid.

The effects of fasting on your immune system are very powerful. People with autoimmune diseases who do a prolonged fast often see their condition go into remission. This is effectively a cure.

Fasting is even being researched right now by people that are going to do long term travel into space. They found that fasting could potentially protect you against solar radiation as you’re traveling to Mars.

Why Should I Avoid Carbohydrates?

When you do these prolonged fasts, your body becomes much more sensitive to insulin. If you have insulin resistance, that means that your body will now be more responsive to the insulin you produce. So, if you eat carbohydrates to break your fast, your body will likely store more of it as fat.

Breaking your fast with carbohydrates and fruit may sound like a good idea, but it’s not. When you break your fast, your body is ready to turn stem cells into things that help repair your body. However, if you have too many carbohydrates, that stem cell could turn into a fat cell, which is the last type of cell you want in your body.

You can do steamed veggies or fermented vegetables, which I highly recommend. I also recommend bone broth and an egg, but other than that, keep it small. If you consume a good amount of carbs right after a prolonged fast, you’re also going to have a massive shift of potassium inside the cell, which can be quite dangerous.

This is called the Refeeding Syndrome and the Refeeding Syndrome is a condition that can occur when you start eating again after a period of not eating. It happens when you eat too fast, especially carbohydrates, which can throw off your electrolytes.

Why Should I Avoid Intense Exercise?

Intense exercise or a lot of physical work right out of the gate doing prolonged fasting is not actually beneficial as your body has just been through a lot of autophagy repair recycling and rejuvenation and you don’t want to add that extra stress at this point. When you’re doing prolonged fasting, let your body recover, heal, and rejuvenate.

Why Should I Avoid Overeating?

After coming out of a prolonged fast, it is tempting to gorge yourself on all the food you’ve been deprived of. However, you must be careful not to overdo it. Your digestive system has gone to sleep during the fast and needs to be slowly woken up again. Eating too much too soon can lead to discomfort and other problems.

You want to avoid overeating by eating small meals throughout the day and gradually increasing the amount you eat each day.

Why Should I Avoid Apple Cider Vinegar?

You shouldn’t do apple cider vinegar while fasting because it can make you more acidic. Your body will be more acidic during a prolonged fast, so the best thing to do after a prolonged fast is to eat vegetables to make you more alkaline.

Why Should I Avoid Protein Shakes?

Protein powders are usually low fat. This means that they will have a greater effect on insulin. If you look at the insulin index, you will see that whey protein powder is the highest. You want to consume actual protein with its own fat, like an egg for example, but just a very small amount.

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